Embracing the Personal Side: A Journey with Lineage & Leaf

Embracing the Personal Side: A Journey with Lineage & Leaf

Opening up about my personal life and opinions on social media has never been my forte. However, since the inception of @lineageandleaf, a friend suggested that I share more of myself with our audience. The “lineage” side of Lineage & Leaf.

You might be curious about the connection between a video of dishes and my journey with Lineage & Leaf. These dishes hold a significant place in my heart as they were a gift from someone who was akin to a grandmother to me, having known me since birth. If she were alive today, she would have surpassed the impressive age of 100.

Her love and pride in my achievements were unwavering. Simply taking these dishes out of the cabinet evokes strong emotions within me. I never witnessed her using them; like many Black households I visited in my childhood, these "good dishes" rarely left the China cabinet.

I reserve the use of these plates for special occasions when guests visit. Despite owning a matching teapot and cups, which I found online years ago, they remained untouched, tucked away in a cabinet, as if waiting for a purpose.

As I reflect on my journey, I realize that these items symbolize a life left unfulfilled. However, in 2024, I've made a commitment to myself to incorporate them into my daily life, using them regularly, and with each use, honoring the memory of the woman who bestowed them upon me.
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