Afternoon Tea Week presents an ideal opportunity to introduce Linage & Leaf blog. To begin, let us dive into the extensive history of Afternoon Tea from NationalDay.com.

For many people, when there’s a mention of afternoon tea, the U.K. pops to mind instantly, and rightfully so, too, because the tradition of having tea during the afternoon was started in England in the 1840s. Anna Maria Russell became the Duchess of Bedford in 1939, after her husband, Francis Russell, ascended to the position of a dukedom. While on a visit to the fifth Duke of Rutland, Russell started feeling lethargic and hungry. In the nineteenth century, it became normal to have dinner served and eaten from seven to nine at night. Because this was so late, a small meal called ‘luncheon’ was created. However, the luncheon meal also failed to keep the hunger pangs at bay.

This is when she came up with the concept of afternoon tea, and this appeared to do the trick. Tea paired with savory sandwiches and sweet cakes became Russell’s go-to midday meal. She also started inviting her friends for an afternoon tea session. This custom was soon picked up by people from the upper- and middle-upper classes.

While Russell’s friends and social circle spread it to the rest of England, it didn’t become as commonplace or as traditional until Queen Victoria, who was also a friend of Russell’s, started having afternoon tea. Eventually, having afternoon tea became a social event of sorts. People from your social circle would be invited for an afternoon of social discussions over some tea and other refreshments. Special dress codes were also decided beforehand, and while today it is not necessary to come dressed in formal thematic garb, going to an afternoon tea is still considered a special occasion. You can host an afternoon tea in the comfort of your home, or you can choose to go to a restaurant or hotel to enjoy the tea, food, and service.

Today, afternoon tea is enjoyed by many all over the globe. 

Share your favorite Afternoon Tea experience. 

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