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Brook37 The Atelier

Brook37 Tea Atelier

Brook37 Tea Atelier

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As a tea atelier, Brook37 seeks out the most exotic, delicate and boldest teas, sourced directly from exclusive tea bushes in the world’s finest gardens. Behind their unique tea selection are a female founder and an all-women production team that disrupt the stagnated, male-dominated world of tea. Brook37 is proud to bring fresh thinking and an ethical and sustainable mindset to all they do. 

  • Chocolate Hangover: Chocolate Spice tea is a great blend to start the day with a sharp and focused mind. It is the brew to help with a hangover or a long tiring night. The special herbal ingredients of this blend are known to help - refresh the mind - boost brain activity - reduce fatigue. 20 Biodegradable Tea Bags
  • Floral Mint: The blend has chamomile with lavender, rose, spearmint, valerian root, and passionflower. The ingredients of this tea are known to help reduce anxiety, relieve stress, and improve sleep quality. 20 Biodegradable Tea Bags
  • Ivory Wonder: Ivory Wonder is a traditional Bai-Mudan white tea. It has a special hand plucking and selection technique that retains precisely one leaf shoot and two adjoining young leaves. It is then hand rolled to produce the desired form. The tea is steamed before drying to limit the oxidation. This technique produces a marvelous hue with visible silver tips. Ivory Wonder is intensely sweet in the nose while being soothingly mellow and nuanced on the palate. It is made in very small batches and is one of the rarest and most exclusive teas to treat the senses. Loose Leaf 50g 20-25 Servings
  • Lavender Earl Grey: Lavender Earl Grey brings a modern twist to the traditional Earl Grey tea with a hint of lavender. A perfect tea to connect with your friends and family. 20 Biodegradable Tea Bags
  • Liquid Luxor: This limited-edition tea with fine golden flowery orange pekoe, well twisted coppery black stylish leaf with a hint of silver tips is plucked from rare bushes at an elevation of 4500 feet in Darjeeling. Loose Leaf 50g 20-25 Servings
  • Minty Watermelon: Flavorful and refreshing, this premium brew boasts an amazing flavor profile guaranteed to rejuvenate your senses Our blend starts with a base of a beautiful black tea, then comes in the sharpness of spearmint blended with refreshing watermelon flavors. Licorice root adds a hint of sweetness that infuses passion in every sip. 20 Biodegradable Tea Bags
  • Pink Rose Strawberry: Love is in the air! This amazing floral and fruity tea is inspired by spring flower colors and abundance of love. Brook37's Rose, Strawberry & Elderflower Infusions Tea combines a naturally sweet taste and floral aroma will make you want to sit next to your loved ones and make it a memorable moment. 20 Biodegradable Tea Bags
  • Sunset in Hollywood: This coppery brown, carefully twisted, whole leaf blend with glossy bloom and couple of tippy buds is an all-time favorite of the tea connoisseurs. 20 Biodegradable Tea Bags
  • Sweet Ceylon Spicy Berry: Our non-caffeine Spicy Berry tea is a wellness Detox tea that is fruity in flavor and has a refreshing after taste. The ingredients of this tea are known to help improve digestion, reduce inflammation, and boost immunity. 20 Biodegradable Tea Bags
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