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Bone China Teacup, Saucer & Spoon Set (13 Varieties)*

Bone China Teacup, Saucer & Spoon Set (13 Varieties)*

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Lineage & Leaf suppliers offers a selection of Bone China items including teacups, saucers, and spoons. Bone China is a ceramic material composed of porcelain and bone ash, resulting in a strong, reflective, and translucent material. It is simple to cleanse, non-harmful, and sustainable. The set is also soft, shining, and will never lose its color.

Each set comes with one cup, one saucer, and one spoon, and holds 200ml of liquid.  

*A third-party supplier is responsible for shipping this item. Your patience is appreciated since it can take up to 7 - 30 days to receive the item.

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