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KKOKDAM Sampler Kits

KKOKDAM Sampler Kits

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Indulge in the essence of our meticulously crafted KKOKDAM floral tea, where time and nature intertwine harmoniously. Cultivated by flower tea sommeliers for over 120 hours through an exquisite process of heat treatment and delicate, by-hand cultivation, each cup embodies the essence of pure nature. Beautiful and delicious.

Flower Tea Stick Sampler Kit: Chrysanthemum, Mugwort , Korean Mint, Siberian Chrysanthemum. Each tea stick invokes the image of flowers blooming on the stem. Two types of each of these flavors are included.

Original Flower Tea Sampler Kit: Marigold, Cherry Blossom, Siberian Chrysanthemum, Cockscomb, Magnolia Kobus, Chrysanthemum, Acacia, Mugwort

Refresh Flower Water Sampler Kit: (1) Orange, Marigold & Rosemary, (2) Lemon, Chrysanthemum & Thyme, (3) Grapefruit, Cockscomb & Apple Mint

*Package Size 15cm x 22cm x 6.5cm

Made in Korea

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