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For a sophisticated and luxurious experience, indulge in our Ginger Tea, with its succulent dried ginger root creating a spicy and fragrant caffeine-free beverage. Enjoy the delightful hint of fruit notes and savor the exquisite blend with freshly squeezed lemon and honey, or relish the refreshing cold-brewed version. This herbal infusion is rich in natural Vitamin C and magnesium, boasting anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. For centuries, this warming elixir has been a trusted remedy for stomach cramps, motion sickness, and nausea, and its potent yet calming aroma has been sought after for stress relief.

Ingredients: organic ginger root

STEEPING GUIDE: 1 rounded tsp per 8oz. water. Steep in 212-degree water 4-7 min.

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