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August Uncommon Tea

August Uncommon Tea (2 Varieties)

August Uncommon Tea (2 Varieties)

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Gina and Aaron, a creative duo hailing from a product design and French professor background, manifested their vision of an exciting and inventive tea label with August Uncommon Tea.

Roasted Pumpkin Caramel Rooibos: Tastes like baked pumpkin, salted butter caramel, golden syrup. It marries creamy sweet depth of real pumpkin flakes with earthy rooibos. Each sip has a long lingering caramel finish that remains long after the cup is empty. Adding milk turns the creamy sweetness up to 11. Makes a knockout tea latte. Caffeine free

Low Country Bourbon Sugar Black Tea: Tastes like burnt sugar, buckwheat, chicory, bourbon. In the first sip, the chewiness of burnt sugar mingles with the dark, rich flavor of buttery buckwheat hotcakes and finally, a latent chicory note. A drop of milk adds a whisper of bourbon. Recommended for coffee lovers and whisky drinkers. Ingredients: Black tea, Taiwanese lapsang souchong black tea, malted barley, flavors of caramel, cream, and cocoa. Contains gluten from malted barley

August tea is produced in an IFS certified facility and meets stringent EU quality standards. It has been tested for pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants so you don't have to worry.

53 grams / 1.9 ounces

15 Tea Bags

Tea bags are 100% plastic free - 60% More tea in every bag for strong flavor - Airtight packaging for maximum freshness -

 Woman Owned/Eco-Friendly

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