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Plum Deluxe Tea

Plum Deluxe Teas (20 Varieties)

Plum Deluxe Teas (20 Varieties)

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This bestselling nutty caramel tea with notes of chestnut and apple is sure to make everything feel festive.

  1. Soul Warmer Herbal Tea (Caramel Chestnut): Rooibos Tea, Apple Pieces, Cocoa Nibs, Orange Peel, Calendula, Blue Cornflowers, Hazelnut and Chestnut Essences, Caramel Extract. No caffeine. 
  2. Porch Sippin' Pecan Praline Black Tea: Black Tea, Cinnamon Chips, Pecan Essence, Safflower.
  3. Peaches n' Cream Oolong Tea: Black Tea, Oolong Tea, Apple Pieces, Apricot Pieces, Calendula, Peach/Vanilla Essence.
  4. Queen's Blend Lemon Creme Earl Grey Green Tea: Green Tea, Apple Pieces, Orange Peels, Blue Cornflowers, Calendula, Bergamot Oil, Lemon Essence, Vanilla Essence.
  5. Magical Butterfly Pea Flower Herbal Tea: Apple Pieces, Rose Hips, Hibiscus, Butterfly Pea Flowers, Blackberry Leaves, Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Orange Peel, Melissa Leaves, Lemongrass, Lemon Peel, Blue Cornflower, Vanilla Essence.
  6. Creme Brulée Earl Grey with Jasmine & Vanilla: Black Tea, Orange Peel, Jasmine Flowers, Blue Cornflower, Bergamot Oil, Vanilla Extract.
  7. Mindful Morning Earl Grey Creme Black Tea: Ceylon Black Tea, Orange Peels, Blue Cornflowers, Bergamot Oil, Vanilla Essence. Decaf version has only decaf black tea.
  8. Cuddletime Chamomile Vanilla Mint Herbal Tea: Chamomile, Rooibos Tea, Peppermint Leaves, Vanilla Essence.
  9. Afternoon High Tea Peach Pear White Tea: White Tea, Peach Pieces, Apricot Pieces, Orange Peel, Marigold Petals, Pear Essence.
  10. Evening in the Garden Elderflower Rose Lemon Herbal Tea: Honeybush Tea, Elderflower, Rose, Lemon, Vanilla Essence.
  11. Delightful Morning Lavender Earl Grey Loose Tea: Black Tea, Orange Peels, Blue Cornflowers, Bergamot Oil, Lavender, Vanilla Essence. 
  12. Gratitude Strawberry Earl Grey Black Tea: Black Tea, Orange Peels, Blue Cornflowers, Strawberries, Raspberry Leaves, Bergamot Oil, Strawberry Essence.
  13. Reading Nook Lavender Rose Chamomile Black Tea: Black Tea, Rose Petals, Lavender, Chamomile, Vanilla Essence.
  14. House Blend Black Tea (Creamy Vanilla English Breakfast): Assam Black Tea, Ceylon Black Tea, Safflower, Blue Malva Flowers, Vanilla Essence.
  15. Candied Orange Green Tea: Green Tea, Orange Peel, Safflower, Orange Essence.
  16. Bookshop Blend White Tea (Cinnamon / Black Currant): White Tea, Cinnamon, Apple Pieces, Orange, Black Currant Essence
  17. Sweet Georgia Peach Black Tea (Hint of Caramel / Walnut):Black Tea, Green Rooibos, Peach Pieces, Peach/Maple/Walnut Essences, Calendula
  18. Mardi Gras Blend Black Tea (Cinnamon-Pecan): Black Tea, Cinnamon Chips, Vanilla/Pecan Essence, Safflower, Blue Malva Flowers
  19. Vanilla Rose Dark Tea (Pu’Erh) Hearts: Dark Tea (Pu’erh), Rose Petals, Vanilla Essence
  20. Italian Wedding Cake Black Tea (Caramel - Coconut - Pecan): Black Tea, Green Rooibos Coconut Pieces, Pecan Pieces, Walnut Pieces, Vanilla / Pecan / Coconut Essences, Orange Blossom, Calendula, Safflower
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